Ewan Jaspan and Annelous Lammerts crowned 2019 Kite Park League champions

October 8, 2019 | Kiteboarding
Ewan Jaspan: your 2019 Kite Park League champion | Photo: Naish

Ewan Jaspan and Annelous Lammerts have been crowned 2019 Kite Park League (KPL) world champions.

The fourth and final stage of the KPL season got underway at Icapuí Beach, in Brazil, with athletes from ten different nations.

Spanish kiteboarder Noè Font ended up winning Kite Mansion Open and ended up with an overall third place.

Despite the physical setback, Jaspan was able to finish the event in second place.

"After pulling a muscle in my shoulder before the last day of competition, I was worried I wasn't going to be able to finish the final, but I managed to adjust my riding and ride smart and with one arm," said Ewan.

"It's been a tough run, and I am now stoked to take some time off and enjoy some home time away from the kite!"

On the women's side, Annelous Lammerts concluded the season just like she started. She won the last event and took the overall title for the second time.

"It was such a fun season competing on the KPL World Tour and a super close battle with Karolina Winkowska," added the Polish kiteboarder.

2019 Kite Park League | Top 3 Overall

1. Ewan Jaspan
2. Christophe Tack
3. Noè Font

1. Annelous Lammerts
2. Karolina Winkowska
3. Helena Brochocka