French kitesurfer cruises from San Francisco to Tahiti

November 6, 2008 | Kiteboarding

Anne Quéméré

This is it, the solo mariner succeeded in casting off in direction of Tahiti from San Francisco at 10 :32 :03 (local time) on Tuesday November 4th.  This corresponds to 19:32:03, in France.

Anne Quéméré set off in a bright 'Frisco sunshine and leading away from the bustle of the USA elections! This incredible adventure is the beginning of the Adrien Challenge. 

The long wait was well worth it. This morning, all conditions were met for the launch of the Adrien Challenge: Great sunshine and a North by Northwest wind in the range of 20 to 25 knots.  That wind is expected to hold for the next three days, along 123° west, keeping Anne out of range of the cargo routes.

A wonderful departure

The sun was shining on 'Bay City accompanied by a steady wind.  What more could one ask for the start of the Adrien Challenge? After a last briefing and the final checks on board the Oceankite, Anne Quéméré was towed to the Departure point, under the Golden Gate Bridge.  From then on, Anne was on her own, manoeuvring the launch of the kite that would take her to Tahiti. 

This meant pumping the kite borders, launching the various lines, lifting the anchor and finally, raising the kite. It took her over 45 minutes to really consider the adventure "launched".

Good bye

Once the kite was airborne, the mariner waved goodbye to the few people who had come to see her off, in spite of the call to head to the voting booths, to elect a new president. Anne was quite satisfied by a wave and these few words "We'll see you soon in Tahiti!".  No false modesty there, but rather contained enthusiasm...

"This is the full realisation of this project.  This is it.  Nothing was easy, even to reach the departure line.  The coordination is not as easy as it might appear.  It took a great deal of energy, time, conviction and motivation.

Now I have attained these four goals and it generates ever increasing energy". Bit by bit, the small vessel (5.5 metres) distanced itself from the shore, leaving behind various other mariners who had come to bid her farewell.

In the coming hours, Anne must be extremely careful of the cargo ships, forever present on her route.  The name of the game is to reach as fast and safely as possible, the Trade winds, over the next three days.  These warm currents should accompany and guide Anne during the full length of her adventure.

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