German kitesurfer unintentionally films a meteoroid entering the atmosphere

September 16, 2019 | Kiteboarding
Dorian Cieloch: he accidentally filmed a small asteroid entering the Earth's atmosphere

A German kitesurfer has unintentionally filmed a small asteroid in the sky while enjoying his time in the water near Wremen.

Dorian Cieloch was riding his kite and filming his session with a waterproof camera when the fireball appeared on camera behind him.

The unusual event took place on September 12, at 2:45 pm, near Bremerhaven, a port city on Germany's North Sea coast.

The footage shows the meteoroid entering the atmosphere, compressing and heating up the air, and then glowing before vaporizing like a shooting star.

Cieloch, 32, didn't notice the rocky object flying nearby.

Actually, it was only later that he became aware of the event after being informed by someone in his video's comments section.

"I have not noticed at all. I have neither seen nor heard a bang. It's mad. I never guessed that something was going on behind me," Dorian Cieloch told a few hours later.

A Rare Moment

According to the European Space Agency (ESA), the object that entered the Earth's atmosphere in the Oldenburg/Bremen area - and then burst apart - measured between one to two meters in diameter.

"We're pretty sure it was a small asteroid," notes ESA expert, Detlef Koschny.

Hundreds of people from different European countries reported seeing an identical fireball in the sky and heard a loud bang on that same day.

Many sightings came from the Netherlands, but also northern Germany.

Dorian Cieloch's accidental asteroid film is a rare thing. He will now certainly have a story to tell his friends and family.

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