Mega ray kite: find and send it to Peter Lynn

A blue bag containing the scale prototype (see photo) for the next Guinness record biggest kite (to be in the shape of a stingray) was lost during a sequence of flights starting with NZ548, from Christchurch, New Zealand on the 12 August '10, connecting to NZ2 from Auckland to London Heathrow (via Los Angeles) and terminating with LHLH4793 in Hamburg, Germany on the 13 August.

The tag number of the missing bag is NZ049157.

Tracking information from Lufthansa and Air NZ suggests that the disappearance most likely occurred at Heathrow, with an unrecorded offloading at Los Angeles or subsequent movement after Heathrow as lesser possibilities.

It's probable that the baggage label and bar code tag have come off (or else, after two months, it should by now have been located).

This kite prototype is unique, and its dimensions were not recorded. Construction of the mega version needs to begin very soon now if it is to be completed in time for the contracted launch date.

The offered reward is available until 7 November 2010 to any person who returns this kite in satisfactory condition to Peter Lynn Kites Ltd (shipping back to NZ from wherever it is located can be arranged).

Contact; Jenny Cook at Peter Lynn Kites Ltd, 105 Alford Forest Rd, Ashburton, New Zealand.

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