King of the Wing 2020: the world's first wing foiling contest | Photo: Clemens Peschel

Henning Nockel has taken out the first-ever King of the Wing at Gunzenhausen, in Germany.

The event run by the newly-founded Global Wingsports Association (GWA) had good wind conditions for wing foiling's first official debut.

The King of the Wing 2020 was a perfect all-around contest with race and freestyle competitions for the seasoned wing-foilers, as well as a wing festival and rider meet-ups that brought the community together.

The first day saw perfect wind to complete the single elimination in the wing-foiling race competition.

Henning Nockel led the scoreboard, leaving David Martin and Carsten Kurmis trailing in his wake.

The wing-foil freestyle competitors were less lucky the next day with dwindling winds. But the organizer reacted promptly.

Instead of the regular freestyle competition, the format was switched to a super session in the afternoon so that competitors could show their best riding and most innovative tricks.

Three categories were up for grabs in the super session: best jump, best glide, and best style.

Best glide went to Linus Pünder, while newcomer and youngest competitor Finn Flügel (12 years old) took best style.

Henning Nockel snatched the best jump in the super session, securing the overall win and the title of King of the Wing 2020.

The test stations set up by Duotone, Fanatic, and Starboard saw a record number of people ready to give wing-foiling a try or test the newest gear and have a chat with the pros.

King of the Wing 2020: wing foiling is the next big thing in water sports | Photo: Felix Rathsmann

King of the Wing 2020 | Results

1. Henning Nockel
2. David Martin
3. Carsten Kurmis

Super Session (Freestyle)
1. Best Jump: Henning Nockel
2. Best Glide: Linus Pünder
3. Best Style: Finn Flügel

Overall Ranking
1. Henning Nockel
2. David Martin
3. Linus Pünder

Team Ranking
1. Team Altmühlsee (Andreas Häntzschel, David Martin)
2. Team Element Watersports (Finn Flügel, Oliver Heinritz)
3. Team Sgladschdglei (Matthias Hahn, Franz Schmoll)

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