IKF says KPWT is the official kiteboarding world tour

December 29, 2009 | Kiteboarding

International Kiteboarding Federation

The International Kiteboarding Federation (IKF) have been granted full World Championship title rights for the sport of Kiteboarding.

IKF is the World Governing Body for Kiteboarding, the official kiteboarding world championship title. Every KPWT (Kiteboard Pro World Tour) event will now be a sanctioned event by IKF.

Each sanctioned event will therefore count towards the IKF and it's recognized Kiteboarding Body. It will also announce the KPWT World Cup Championship title 2010 for Wave, Freestyle, Course Racing, Junior.

The IKF looks forward to working with the KPWT in the future and further the sport of kiteboarding together. The International Kiteboard Federation will organize every year the World championship Title.

The World championship 2010 will be held end of November after all the national event.

Source: IKF

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