Invited riders announced for the 2010 Tripe-S Invitational

January 18, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Andre Phillip won the 2009 Triple-S Invitational

The Triple-S Invitational is the international free ride “world championships” of kiteboarding, held every year in Cape Hatteras, Noarolina.

2010 marks the 5th year of the Triple-S Invitational, scheduled for June 5th to 11th 2010. After four extremely successful Triple-S events, this has become a highly anticipated event on the pro kiteboarding calendar.

Mark your calendars now with excellent spectating, event parties and award ceremonies open to the public, you cannot miss any of the Surf, Slicks and Sliders action. This year, spectators will be able to catch all the Triple-S action from Watermen’s Retreat. Information on booking your stay at Watermen’s.

The Triple-S will feature the top pro kiteboarders in the world riding and competing in a unique freeride format that allows them to push the sport further than ever before. A total of 24 athletes will be scheduled to participate in the 2010 Triple-S Invitational.

This years break down is as follows: 21 athletes will be receiving invitations, with 7 alternates in place. This year 3 spots will be allotted to wild card invitations, these will be given to the best 3 rider videos received by April 1st.

Invited Riders:
Aaron Hadlow
Andre Phillip
Billy Parker
Brandon Scheid
Bruna Kajiya
Clarissa Hempel
Davey Blair
Dylan Thompson
Greg Norman
Ian Alldredge
Jake Kelsick
Jason Slezak
Joby Cook
Jon Modica
Kevin Langeree
Laura “Lulu” Vroman
Petter Johnsen
Ruben Lenten
Sam Bell
Sam Medysky
Susi Mai

Damien Leroy
Denver Coon
Josh Mulcoy
Madison Van Heurck
Mauricio Abreu
Reo Stevens
Shannon Best

Athletes receiving invitations to compete in the Triple-S Invitational are chosen by an event management committee. All invitations are sent by January 1, 2010. RSVP is expected by March 1, 2010, at which time alternates will take the place of any athlete who has not contacted event management and committed to the event.

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