It was tough, but Florian Gruber clinched the 2018 Red Bull Ragnarok

April 8, 2018 | Kiteboarding
Florian Gruber: he was one of the three riders who managed to complete the 2018 Red Bull Ragnarok | Photo: Meyr/Red Bull

Florian Gruber has taken out the 2018 Red Bull Ragnarok, Hardangervidda, Norway.

This year's event gathered more than 350 snow kiteboarders from 30 different countries. The challenge was cut by 25 kilometers because, last year, only eight athletes finished the 130-kilometer course.

This time, however, and due to the light winds, only three athletes managed to cross the finish line.

In the always competitive kite skiing division, Gruber was able to complete the marathon two minutes faster than his rival and longtime opponent Felix Kersten, who won Ragnarok last year.

"It was my third time here, and it definitely was the toughest Red Bull Ragnarok I have participated in for sure! Initially, we had good winds and were on smaller kites, but then we had to rig bigger," explained Gruber.

"I always saw people in front of me and managed to catch up with Felix and Jonas right before the last lap. It was a tough fight. The wind was up and down, so I am super happy to win this battle."

On the women's side, Steph Bridge used her kiting experience to snatch the victory. The British won her fourth title in the Red Bull Ragnarok.

Finally, a word for the snowboarders. Unfortunately, the wind played a trick on their race during the last hour of the competition, so no one was able to cross the finish line.

Peter Martel and Valeria Garaschenko were the closest to completing the grueling race, so they were declared winners of the snowboarding category.

2018 Red Bull Ragnarok | Results

Men's Ski
1. Florian Gruber (GER)
2. Felix Kersten (GER)
3. Jonas Lengwiler (SUI)

Women's Ski
1. Steph Bridge (GBR)
2. Frøydis Sjøvold (NOR)
3. Camilla Ringvold (NOR)

Men's Snowboard
1. Peter Martel (CAN)
2. Ronny Bollhalder (SUI)
3. Nikita Solokov (AUT)

Women's Snowboard
1. Valeria Garaschenko (RUS)
2. Marie-Eve Mayland (CAN)
3. Aija Ambrasa (LAT)