Jerrie van de Kop flies to victory at the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2013

October 29, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Jerrie van de Kop: big air

Jerrie van de Kop has conquered the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2013, in Zandvoort, Holland.

Thousands of kiteboarding invaded the sands of Zandvoort to watch a spectacular show of big air stunts performed by 16 Dutch riders.

The extreme wind conditions felt at the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2013 crowned Jerrie van de Kop, as the overall winner of the event.

Kevin de Smidt, Steven Akkersdijk and Remco Klabbers followed in the final rankings.

"We had the best weather you could wish for. Kiting requires a lot of your body, mind and your kite. My advice is to ride hard and smart because, in addition to speed, there's also the quality of the jumps. And enjoy, because the feeling of flying is great!", says Ruben Lenten, organizer of the event.

Jerrie van de Kop pulled and insane, extreme megaloop to secure victory. He has also won a ticket to the 2014 Red Bull King Of The Air, in Cape Town.