Julien Fillion goes kitesurfing on a standing wave

May 10, 2019 | Kiteboarding
Julien Fillion: riding a kite at Montreal's Lachine Rapids

We've seen kites flying over giant waves, stunning flat lakes, snowy mountains, arid lands, and inner-city rivers.

Kites tend to propel riders and their boards forward, meaning that the whole equipment and controller are continuously on the move across liquid or solid surfaces.

However, stationary waves, also known as standing waves, may represent a unique challenge to kiteboarders and kite riders in general.

What happens when you ride a kite on a river rapid? Will you keep gliding endlessly over the same wall of water, or will you tend to sail away?

Professional kiteboarder and kite designer Julien Fillion went looking for the answer in Montreal, Canada.

Saint Lawrence River's Lachine Rapids are known to produce some of the finest river waves on the planet, especially when the right conditions are created.

Judging by the footage, it is fair to say that you can manage to stay on the same wave for a reasonable amount of time, as long as you keep your kite relatively high, away from the power zone.

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