Julien Kerneur is the 2012 Slalom world champion

July 2, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Julien Kerneur: a Slalom champ never smiles

Julien Kerneur, Rolf van der Vlugt and Mario Rodwald have tasted gold in a marathon of world-class kiteboarding, in Sylt, Germany.

The Mini Kitesurf Worldcup Sylt event crowned the world champion in Slalom and awarded important points for the continuing Mini Kitesurf Tour Europe 2012. Over 98.000 spectators visited the contest area, during the week.

With 85 riders out of 15 nations participating in three different disciplines - Slalom, Course Racing and Freestyle - action was the word of the day. Julien Kerneur smiled in the end, as he was crowned 2012 Slalom kiteboarding world champion.

The Womens final was dominated by Dutch girl Katja Roose, who took victory over Caroline Adrien and Kristin Boese. The future olympic discipline, Course Racing, was incredibly tight. Dutch rider Rolf van der Vlugt won the tour stop in his neighbouring in the challenging conditions of the Northern Sea.

Caroline Adrien was first overall in Course Racings and second in Slalom. She is one of the fastest European female racers.

In the Freestyle division, the final day reached with a spectacular Men’s super final heat. Stefan Spiessberger, from Austria, and German champion Mario Rodwald engaged in a battle to the end, displaying their most spectacular moves. Rodwald came out victorious.

The third tour stop of the Mini Kitesurf Tour Europe 2012 will be held in Netherlands/Brouwserdam, from 16th–19th August.