Kinsley Thomas Wong: the kiteboarding community is waiting for your recovery

Kinsley Thomas Wong is in critical condition at the Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, after a kiteboarding crash left him severely injured, in San Simeon, California, USA.

The 43-year-old experienced sportsman from Pismo Beach was kiteboarding in gusty winds when he was pulled out of the water and against the rocks.

The owner of XtremeBigAir was found by the emergency units in an unconscious state but still breathing.

Kinsley Thomas Wong is considered the father of kiteboarding on the Central Coast.

UPDATE #4 (16/08/10)

Kinsley is still on the acute side of the rehab center and has been pushing himself very hard in PT. He is closer to moving to the other side, but no timeline or date has been set yet as to when this will happen. He is in good spirits and has mastered being able to talk with the trach -- doctors have and will continue weaning him off it until he is strong enough again to do without the support. In the meantime, he has been enjoying some great home-cooked meals from friends and family. Visiting is still limited to weekends.

UPDATE #4 (28/07/10)

They adjusted his oxygen to allow fewer but deeper breaths which has been a huge help.  They had it set up for more frequent - shallow breaths that the "average patient" needs.  Kinsley's lungs are so developed that he kept complaining of having trouble breathing.  The adjustment really worked - his lungs are clearing and he is sleeping better.

UPDATE #3 (27/07/10)

Kinsley is experiencing common problems associated with severe neck injuries. Swelling in his neck leaves him with extremely limited mobility & sensation below his neck. The swelling has also limited his ability to take deep breaths and during the last few days, he has been working with Respiratory Specialists to assure his lungs stay clear. MRIs and CAT scans show that his spinal cord was not damaged and the MDs remain 'hopeful' about his prognosis to regain use of his arms and legs. His spinal column is just very narrow and thus swelling has a greater effect on him. In the meantime, physical therapists provide him with exercises to keep his muscles in shape so he will be ready for Rehab in Santa Clara. As soon as his lungs are clear he will be moved to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center that specializes in Spine Injuries.

UPDATE #2 (20/07/10)

Wong's condition has been upgraded from critical to serious.

Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center says he is "moving in the right direction", although still in intensive care.

UPDATE #1 (19/07/10)

Our mate is getting better.

Wong is already eating and has been sleeping well.

After being told that everyone is sending him support, he said he might take a break of kiteboarding.

Visit his Facebook page and send your cheers.

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