Kite Controller: power to the people

You can be passionate about wind in many ways. A company is testing and launching Kite Controller, a redesigned reel-bar with a lighter frame.

Remember the good old kite reels? Pacific Sky Power has developed the retro bar so that kayak or canoe enthusiasts can sail with a kite.

The Kite Controller should be used with one to three square meters, two-line traction kites. The reel system may also be suitable for self-rescue towing.

Users should hold the kite so it fills with wind and then start reeling out.

Once the kite is fully deployed, you can steer with the control bar. When it's time to head in, reel in and paddle to shore.

The Kite Controller weighs three pounds (1.3 kilograms) and is made of aluminum, UV-resistant plastics, structural laminates, and stainless-steel hardware.

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