Kiteboarder Roy Rodwald beats all watercraft at Kieler Woche 2015

June 30, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Rod Rodwald: faster than everyone else at Kieler Woche | Photo: Kieler Woche

Roy Rodwald has conquered the Audi and SAP Speed Challenge at the Kieler Woche 2015, the ultimate sailing event held in Kiel, Germany.

In the Audi Speed Challenge, foiling catamarans, moth boats, 49ers, and other watercraft race on a 500-meter straight course, in which speed determines the overall winner.

Roy Rodwald, the father of multiple kiteboarding champion Mario Rodwald, stormed the competition with a total time of 39 seconds, leaving the Extreme 40 and the Nacra 20 in the remaining podium places.

The white haired kiteboarder started windsurfing three decades ago and, after flying hang gliders and paragliders, he tried kiteboarding in 2000. Nine years later, he conquered the German racing title.

In 2014, Roy Rodwald decided to quit his job and dedicate full-time to kiteboarding. The results are paying off.

Audi and SAP Speed Challenge 2015

1. Roy Rodwald (Kiteboarding)
2. Mitch Booth and Crew (Extreme 40)
3. Helge und Christian Sach (Nacra 20)

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