Kiteboarder survives crocodile attack in Australia

May 18, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Chris Keeping: it hurts, but he's good to go

Australian kitesurfer Christopher Keeping survived a crocodile attack after fighting off the animal 100 metres off shore at Casuarina Coastal Reserve's Lee Point, Darwin.

Keeping was riding his kite at 11am when the wind dropped off. He was 100 meters away from the beach, in deep water, and floating around on his board when the crocodile emerged.

"I usually look for crocodiles when I'm down there before I enter the water, and there was another kitesurfer setting up at the same time," explained Chris Keeping.

"I didn't see him until the last minute, and then just a massive bang, he smashed me like a Mack truck. And next minute I'm just getting shaken violently left to right."

"I thought, 'I'm out in the middle of the ocean, there's no-one around, I think this is it, I think I'm gone. I don't think I've got a chance against this bastard'," revealed Keeping.

The kitesurfer thought he was going to die. The crocodile bit his shoulder, the right side of Chris' back and pinned his arm down. Despite having one arm free, he there was not much he could do.

The kite kept Keeping afloat because the crocodile couldn't pull the whole weight of a 40-meter wing. The victim tried to stick his fingers in the croc's eye and started hitting him with the board.

The predator wanted to claim a human life and kept circling Chris. The kitesurfer continued hitting the crocodile's face with the board, until reaching shallow waters and touching safe sands in the nearest beach.

Chris Keeping, 29, escaped death with only minor injuries in his ribcage and armpit, and a splendid story to tell his friends and family. His wetsuit may have saved his life.

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