Kiteboarders finish 115 km downwinder between Cabarete and Buen Hombre

September 24, 2019 | Kiteboarding
Xtreme Downwinder Challenge: a 115-kilometer kiteboarding adventure

A group of kiteboarders has completed a downwinder between Cabarete and Buen Hombre, in the Dominican Republic.

What started as a joke between Roberto Pereyra and Charles Osterlund resulted in the Xtreme Downwinder Challenge.

But they knew they needed the right wind conditions along the coastline and a good sailing pace, in order to wrap up the journey before nightfall.

The 115-kilometer kiteboarding adventure took place on August 14, 2019, and it was the first downwinder held between these two towns located on the north shore of the Caribbean island.

Eight of the twelve riders involved were able to finish the challenge in around six hours.

The Story of Joselito

One of the kiteboarders was Joselito del Rosario, the youngster who spent a night out in the sea on October 2010, after failing to complete a downwinder that would take him to Puerto Plata.

Posito Martinez, who was also with Joselito but was able to get back to shore, also participated in the Xtreme Downwinder Challenge.

This time, the duo made it to terra firma, safe and sound.

A 49-minute documentary reveals all the details and stories behind this thrilling kiteboarding experience.

"The challenge is not over. Now, there's a new group of people that are interested in pushing their limits and thinking: we did 115 kilometers, what's next?" concludes event organizer, Charles Osterlund.