Kiteboarding girls boost skills in Thailand

March 22, 2012 | Kiteboarding
KB4Girls: evil smile

Kristin Oja (freestyle), Michalina Laskowska (TT racing) and Kathrin Borgwardt (course racing) have won the second stage of the KB4girls 2012 World Tour, held in Pranburi, Thailand.

The event was run in cooperation with the KTA (Kite Tour Asia) and, during three days, female competitors received tips, tricks and guidance from KB4girls founder and multiple times World Champion Kristin Boese.

The competition coaching theory prior to the start of the competition was separated into course race and freestyle coaching while all girls were brought together for social time and a wakeboarding session to bond together as a group. During the contest each girl was then supervised as much as possible.

"Having been competing for the past 10 years now, it is such a pleasure to see new girls joining competitions every year and to be able to pass on as much of my experience as possible", explains Kristin Boese.

"The most important thing for me though is to create a real group feel between all the female competitors, as false competitiveness can be intimidating for new girls on the scene", she continues.

"It was simply great to see how well all the girls got along with each other and how supportive they were towards each other after getting to know each other a bit better. I had a great time watching and supporting the girls and hope they did too."

All female competitors delivered a great show during the competition and showcased their skills.

While the Course Board Racing class also represents the Asian Championship podium, the Asian Freestyle Champions were determined by the season’s overall ranking. First place went to Aya Oshima, followed by Paula Rosales and Tien Ye.

1st place Kristin Oja
2nd place Susan Kay
3rd place Ali Dudfield

TT Racing
1st place Michalina Laskowska
2nd place Rebecka Maudal
3rd place Dina Muldasheva

Courseboard Racing
1st place Kathrin Borgwardt
2nd place Rahel Holliger
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