Kitesurfers on lay day in PKRA Tarifa Kite Pro

July 5, 2008 | Kiteboarding

The Telefonica Movistar Kite Pro 2008 – the fifth round of the PKRA 2008 World Tour is on its third day. This time, the wind was a no-show which gave the competitors and everyone at the beach a little time for relaxation after yesterday’s extreme kiteboarding actions.

The sun was up but the wind decided to call it a calm day as the sea was like a mirror. The gentle breeze picked up in the afternoon but was not enough to hold a competition. Head Judge Sami Gali went out on his course racing equipment while the other women competitors were seen basking under the sun for some tan.

A few others managed to take the opportunity to rest and sleep while the others took the time to browse the Internet or update their respective websites.

Although a lot of the riders appreciate a good day’s rest, many are still hoping for the weather to turn around so they could go out and do what they do best – extreme kiteboarding. Yesterday, managed to get a short interview from world champion Aaron Hadlow.

After his assessment about his game, he also talked about the conditions here in Tarifa. “I rode an 11m in the first heat and then a 9m in the rest. It stayed that windy the whole day which is really good. The Poniente wind here is strong and the water is a little bit choppy with a few nice little kickers you can hit. I hope it turns Levante and we get some extreme winds hopefully at the end of the week.”

“Poniente” and “Levante” are terms for the two prevailing winds in Tarifa, the easterly known as the “Levante” and the westerly known as the Poniente. These two wind conditions are caused by the narrow sea-level passage at the Strait of Gibraltar which intensifies the wind from the Mediterranean Sea.

The stronger and warmer Levante blows most of the year and comes from inland against the water hence, it does not form waves. The Poniente blows from the Atlantic Ocean mostly in winter which makes it cooler, creating flat water in between waves which is great for kickers.

Another rider whom managed to interview also had an appreciation for the Tarifa weather. Any Yates, the 17-year old Australian kiteboarder sponsored by Slingshot came to Tarifa to participate in the PKRA for the first time.

“It’s a lot of fun, I didn’t expect the waters to be so nice but I like it. I got thru the first round which I was very stoked about but then I met Kevin Langeree and that was the worst person that I could come across in the second round but I just did my best but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. But that’s alright I can come back in the doubles. I was on an 11m then on a  9m kite.”

When asked about his opinion regarding the Tour, the young rider from Down Under said without hesitation, “Good event, nice setup, very professional compared to what I’m used to in Australia.”

The day was called off at 6:00 pm with tomorrow’s riders meeting set for 11:30 am with a first possible start at noon. The weather forecast looks better than what it is today and everyone is looking forward to the conclusion of the Freestyle double elimination round.

Source: PKRA

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