Kristin Boese boosts kitesurfing awareness

January 1, 2011 | Kiteboarding

Kristin Boese: the best kite teacher

Kristin Boese, one of the best female kiteboarders in the world, has given a great boost to the wind sport in 2010. The KB4Girls toured 12 kitesurf spots in the last 12 months: Augusta, Melbourne, Kahului, El Gouna, St Pere Pescador, San Francisco, Fischland, Malmo, Hood River, Montauk, Lancing and Brighton.

The highlights and results are quite impressive and Boese is very happy. "I never dared to dream of such an amazing success in our first year. We experienced so much support from the local communities and from the many volunteers putting in their time and efforts. Each event turned into a community effort and success. To see the huge smiles in the faces of the participating girls whenever they learned something new or got to meet new friends was extremely motivational on top of that", Kristin said.

In the end, kitesurfing was promoted and the sport gained positive awareness. Also, more than 400 women and girls were involved in the “free of charge” events, 20 new girls were introduced to the sport, US$155,000 were raised for victims of domestic violence and awareness about ocean and beach pollution and water wise ways of living were taught.

Kristin Boese and the KB4girls are now preparing the schedule for 2011. The new dates will be unveiled on the 1st February. The kiteboarding clinics can be booked online. KB4girls is a non-profit worldwide clinic tour for female kiteboarders that motivates them to push their kiteboarding skills to the next level and possibly start to compete on professional contests. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.