Lewis Crathern gets media attention into kiteboarding

March 5, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Lewis Crathern: he is Worthing it

Lewis Crathern is promoting the sport of kiteboarding in several major media print and broadcast sources. The kiteboarder known for jumping the Worthing and Brighton piers was featured in Channel 5 "World's Greatest Daredevils" TV show.

Crathern reaches the second spot in the program's stunt ranking. "Kitesurfing is really starting to make an appearance on mainstream TV", says the British rider.

Recently, Lewis Crathern won the Len10 Megaloop Challenge, in Cape Town, South Africa. "Kitesurfing is really popular out there now and it is certainly the place to be during the cold months of winter back home".

The kiteboarder is also making the news for its environmental thoughts about his local beach. "News just arrived that the SuperStore giant planning to increase pollution in our area decided against it and changed their plans. This was due to the overwhelming response by the people".

Finally, the "Pier Jumper" also got into the Kiteworld Magazine twice and is preparing a new TV ad. The question is: what will Lewis Crathern kite jump next?