Lightning strike hits kiteboarders in Vilano Beach

October 3, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Vilano Beach: watch the lightning strikes

A man and his son have been hit by a lightning strike when they were kiteboarding, in Vilano Beach, Florida.

Falk Weltzein was left in critical condition after the lightning struck and Kai Weltzien, a 14-year-old rider, suffered light injuries.

Apparently, Falk's metal harness attracted the lightning when they were still on the beach. Kai felt something in his arms and called the authorities when his father fell on the sand.

"They were on the beach, they were being attended to by several bystanders when we arrived on scene, began treatment of the patient", explains the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

"As best we could tell, the individual did sustain a lightning strike, the other was in the general area, didn't really have many signs or symptoms but was basically transported as a precautionary patient".

Falk Weltzein was rapidly transported to the Flagler Hospital in critical condition, but his condition has steadily improved. The young rider was released from the hospital and will be fine for future kite rides.

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