Luciano Gonzalez is the 2011 Master of the Ocean

April 19, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Luciano Gonzalez: master of the waves

Luciano Gonzalez is the 2011 Master of the Ocean. The professional kitesurfer from Cabarete was the best water sports athlete in this unique event held in the Dominican Republic.

Master of the Ocean is the world’s first sporting event combining surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. It takes place every year in Cabarete as the one and only water sports triathlon of wave riding.

This year, the organization included a SUP contest. Luciano Gonzalez showed his waterman skills and competed in several wave riding competitions.

In the Master of the Ocean, the judging criteria is quite simple. The rider must perform radical maneuvers in the critical section of a wave with Speed, Power and Flow to maximize scoring potential.

Radical controlled maneuvers, power and commitment in the most critical section and best wave selection provide extra points for evaluation.

Master of the Ocean 2011

1. Luciano Gonzalez
2. Emmanuel David Rondon
3. Franklin Mieses Montan
4. Kelvin Corniel Fermin
5. Oscar De la Cruz

Future Master of the Ocean

1. Nico Suriel

Master Kitesurfer

Josellito De lo Santo
Luciano Gonzales
Luis Alberto Cruz
Emmanuel David Rondon
Patrich Mendoza
Jose Luis Hernandez

Master Windsurfer

Federico Arias Yilo
Arismendis Gonzalez
Franklin Mieses Montan
Luciano Gonzales
Antonio Chevalier

Master Surfer

1. Pedro Fernandez
2. Zion Balbuena
3. Roberto Martinez

Master SUP

1. Zion Balbuena
2. Jens Baur
3. Marcus Bohm