Lufinha will ride a kiteboard shaped for oceanic crossings

May 6, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Francisco Lufinha: riding his special board by Lacrau Surfboards | Photo: Barrigao

Francisco Lufinha will debut a special kiteboard for oceanic crossings in his 1000-kilometer (539 nautical miles) adventure between Lisbon and Madeira Island, in Portugal.

They called it a "special project." In the last month, the kite marathoner and Lacrau Surfboards started developing a completely new board. They wanted to shape a custom-made board for transatlantic adventures.

"After evaluating my old board, we discussed what we could improve to create the first kiteboard specially designed for oceanic crossings. After many fine-tunings and improvements, here it is. It won't be easy to stand 40 hours on top of a kiteboard," says Francisco Lufinha.

The Portuguese record breaker has already tested his new equipment in Carcavelos Beach. The new kiteboard for oceanic crossings resembles a course racing board, but it is slightly narrower.

Francisco Lufinha is already training for the giant transatlantic odyssey. He spent 36 hours non-stop on top of his kiteboard in a oceanic swimming pool, and he is currently riding in stormy seas in order to prepare for the challenge set for between June and July 2015.

Oceanic kiteboard: ready for the 1000-kilometer kite cross | Photo: Barrigao

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