Nicolas Parlier wins the 2017 Défi Kite

May 22, 2017 | Kiteboarding
2017 Défi Kite: 255 kiteboarders riding the Tramontane wind | Photo: Souville/Défi Kite

Nicolas Parlier raced to victory at the 2017 Défi Kite, in Gruissan, France.

The Tramontane wind didn't let the competitors down and allowed 255 kiteboarders to complete five races. Riders aged 14-72 sailed 140 kilometers before champions were announced and crowned.

The event got underway under spectacular weather conditions, and the colored kites invaded the blue skies of Gruissan. Foils are finally taking over, but there were a lot of spectacular crashes.

The world's fastest riders raced alongside a large fleet of amateurs. Axel Mazella and Nicolas Parlier, two former winners of the Défi Kite, battled head-to-head at an average speed of 30 knots, but in the end, it was Parlier who crossed the finish line first.

He won three of the five races, while Axel took two bullets. It couldn't have been a tighter clash.

The fifth edition of the Défi Kite also saw Elsa Bories winning the women's division, and placing 23rd in the overall rankings. Victor Bachichet and Fleur Chalot conquered the junior category.

Défi Kite 2017 | Top 3

1. Nicolas Parlier
2. Axel Mazella
3. Théo De Ramecourt

1. Elsa Bories (23 overall)
2. Ariane Imbert (34 overall)
3. Fleur Chalot (49 overall)

Junior Men
1. Victor Bachichet (6 overall)
2. Benoit Gomez (8 overall)
3. Anthony Picard (9 overall)

Junior Women
1. Fleur Chalot (49 overall)
2. Karine Poivret (140 overall)
3. Sandrine Brunet (157 overall)

1. Benoit Billet (7 overall)
2. Nicolas Caillou (13 overall)
3. Nicolas Wojnacki (17 overall) uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.