Paraplegic woman goes kiteboarding

December 9, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Amanda Boxtel: a disabled kite star

A paraplegic woman has decided to try kiteboarding with special gear.

Twenty one years ago, the life of Amanda Boxtel changed forever. On the 27th February, 1992, at the age of 24, the blonde girl would have to change the way she moved.

"It happened in a split second while downhill skiing. A freak somersault and I knew I was paralyzed. An electric current went through my legs, and then there was nothing. I shattered four vertebrae, bruising my spinal cord, paralyzed from the hips down with no sensation", explains Boxtel.

"Life became a journey of confronting adversity, and through sheer frustration my pivotal moment came when I realized I could turn 'why me' into 'why not me'".

Today, Amanda Boxtel challenges everything. She can swim, snow ski and water-ski, so why not kitesurf? After adapting standard gear and learning a few basic wind rules, the special athlete started riding.

"I had thirty seconds of glory. I felt the wind and I felt the power. It was awesome".

The Global Kiter Foundation has been developing special seats and gear for disabled riders.

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