Kiteboarding: a water sport for all ages | Photo: WKC

The Women's Kiteboarding Collective (WKC) launched a short film that celebrates the 14 female kitesurfers who range in age from 65 to 76.

"Life with a kite is damn near perfection." The words are from Betsy, a 69-year-old kiteboarder from Baja California Sur. She is one of the many senior riders flying kites around the world.

Contrary to the usual stereotypes of older women, these girls are skilled, experienced, and accomplished kiters.

They ride hard and fast, do jumps, and try tricks. Filled with energy, laughter, and joy, they demonstrate a spirited and gritty love of life and kiteboarding.

"This video resulted from an enthusiastic discussion about older women kiteboarding on our 3,000-strong women-only Facebook forum," explains Joyce Stalker, an active member of the WKC.

The WKC is a non-profit, global movement of female kiters that aims to empower and inspire women through kitesurfing so that they can advocate for improvements in their lives and the lives of others.

Sharon, Andrea, Joyce, Betsy, Jane, Rose, Betsy, Ann, Maria, Jerri, Ruth, Eva, Sue, and Carole hail from multiple corners of the world.

They are all kitesurfing waves, foiling, crossing island channels, and sailing long downwinders.

And they invite women of all ages to experience the kiteboarding dream. All you need to do is join the tribe.

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