KiteTracker: new GPS challenges for your smartphone

KiteTracker is a new GPS tracking system for kiteboarders, which registers riding sessions in live of offline modes using a mobile phone apps.

The idea is simple: go kiteboarding and take your smartphone. While you're enjoying the wind session, send your records live through the mobile data connection or, alternatively, keep it offline and send it at home. A ranking system will be set to determine the best marks.

"We decided to have the session recorded via GPS signal and if the user wants to he can switch on the live tracking function, which then requires mobile phone internet connection to transfer their data to the server every 5 seconds", explain Patrick Stahel and Ronny Bollhalder, founders of KiteTracker.

"If not using the live tracking system, you can still record your session and upload it afterwards when internet connection is available, so others can still check your tracks and it will be added to the ranking list".

KiteTracker invites kiteboarders, but also windsurfers, sailors, mountain bikers, runners, stand paddleboarders, paragliders, whether you're training on water, snow or land.

Each rider using the live tracking option can be spotted and checked with his full information about speed, altitude, climb rate, distance, etc. KiteTracker is only available for iPhone, but a free Android version will be launched.

The new GPS kite app also features geolocated photos, live map and live rider view, world spot identification and many other options.

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