Ruben Lenten activates "Code Red"

December 28, 2016 | Kiteboarding
Ruben Lenten: chasing storms after beating cancer | Photo: Revers/Red Bull

Ruben Lenten is back. After defeating cancer, the talented kiteboarder returns with an adrenaline-fueled project.

The Dutch kitesurfer released "Code Red," an action-packed video clip where Lenten lets his body command the riding in testing weather conditions.

The result is a collection of breathtaking mega loops landed in three different locations - Iceland, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

While the air and water temperature remain extremely low across all spots, Ruben Lenten makes sure you won't get cold. And we almost forgot to mention that winds were blowing in the 45-to-60 knots.

"Surviving such a gnarly tumor and treatment is one thing, but getting back to full strength is another. All I wanted was to get fit as quickly as possible and ride a storm again," explains Ruben Lenten.

"Iceland was by far the coldest and gnarliest; riding a blizzard in front of some rocks is not a joke. We almost didn’t even make it with the car as everyone advised us to stay indoors and we got stuck in the snow after 15 feet of driving."

Ruben Lenten, 28, has his eyes on the future, and he is already planning his return to Cape Town for the upcoming Red Bull King of the Air 2017.

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