Special ropes hold a 160 m2 towing kite

November 29, 2010 | Kiteboarding
SkySails: these ropes can pull an Airbus A318

SkySails was the first company to understand the advantages of wind technologies in the shipping industry.

SurferToday.com has published several articles about the adventure of the Beluga, the first cargo vessel to adopt the towing kite technology.

This unique invention has reduced fuel consumption and emissions of ships by up to 35%. But, as it happens in kitesurfing, there's one critical element that should be adopted correctly: the lines or, in this particular case, the ropes that link the ship to the kite up in the sky.

That's why SkySails has teamed up with DSM Dyneema and Gleistein. They have researched and developed the world’s strongest fiber: Dyneema.

This special rope is carefully designed to deliver the high strength, lightweight, and excellent durability required for heavy-duty rope applications.

Can you imagine the power applied in this towing kite? Well, a 160m2 SkySails' kite generates a tractive force that corresponds to the thrust of an Airbus A318 turbine engine.

After two years in the market, the green Beluga has dramatically cut costs in fuel consumption and is pushing this technology forward. What could kitesurfing learn from this developments?