Strapless duels at the 2015 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic

September 28, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Reider Decker: winner of the 2015 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic | Photo: REAL/Richard Hallman

Reider Decker and Jalou Langeree have won the 2015 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic presented Patagonia, in North Carolina.

Some of the world's best male and female kitesurfers competed for three days in challenging conditions at the Lighthouse. The unique Open format got underway in overhead waves.

The strapless kitesurfing event showcased insane aerials, innovative tricks and in-the-pocket wave riding. A few riders even tried to get barreled on occasional rollers.

The Men's division saw Jason Slezak defeating Patrick Rebstock in the battle for third place, and Reider Decker beating Mark Miedama in the decisive final.

In the Women's final - held in spectacular wave conditions - Jalou Langeree defeated Morgan Skiperdene. The waves were pumping in the five-to-seven-foot range, and winds were blowing at 20 knots.

"Stoked to be part of the second edition of the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic. Nice to finally be competing again. We have had firing conditions since the first day of competition. Big congrats to all other finalists," wrote Langeree.

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