Susi Mai: many riders would love to hear tips from her

Kitesurfing is a thrilling sport with loads of challenges as you evolve over time.

Professional kiteboarders have a lot of experience to share with amateur and free riders. Learning is the best way to succeed and improve.

That's why our friends at New Wave Kiteboarding have gathered the most interesting tips from the world's best kiteboarders while competing at Richard Branson's BVI Kite Jam.

Shannon Best believes it is very important to check if your hands are in the middle of the bar while performing tricks.

Susi Mai wants you to prevent your knees from tearing by training to build up muscles and prevent injuries.

Kristin Boese says trick progressions should be done step by step, starting up with the less advanced tricks and working through harder moves.

Sander Lenten considers that it is very relevant to ensure your kite is tuned correctly.

Youri Zoon is straightforward and motivational: don’t give up, keep trying, and watch videos of others doing the tricks you want to learn.

Madison Van Heurck believes safety comes first, so be careful while kiteboarding in high wind conditions.

Tommy Fields tells you it's good to ride switch so that you can learn tricks in both ways.

Pete Cabrinha has useful advice: while riding waves, take a small kite and a medium-sized board. Small is beautiful.

Andreas says a trampoline could be very useful to practice flips and spins, and Bruno unveils the necessary steps to a Blind judge.

Watch a complete video with tips from professional riders.

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