The official freestyle kiteboarding tricks

Kiteboarding: know the tricks and pull them | Photo: Craig Kolesky/Red Bull

The 2015 Kitesurf World Championships introduced changes in the Freestyle division. The competition zone has been reduced, and the list of "official" tricks is fully identified.

Kiteboarding is getting more spectator-friendly, and the world tour circuits have been trying to get riders closer to their audience on the beach.

In 2015, the competition zone was a square marked by buoys, and only one rider at a time is allowed to perform tricks in it.

"I think the change of the competition area to a smaller one is something interesting," underlines Michael Schitzhofer.

"It will be quite an adaption for the riders in the beginning, but I think it's good for spectators and the live stream, and it will be a reward for all of us in it."

The list of kiteboarding tricks is simple and clear so that judges can throw out fair scores and compare heat performances.

In the upcoming seasons, competitors will have to watch their opponents' tricks in order to do different and better.

The complete list of professional freestyle kiteboarding tricks:

1. Rolls, Spins, and Regular Jumps

Regular Jump
Front Roll
Back Roll
Front Roll 5
Back Roll 5
Front Roll 7
Back Roll 7
Front Roll 9
Back Roll 9
Front Roll 10
Back Roll 10

2. Frontside Spins

Front Side 1
Front Side 3
Front Side 5
Front Side 7
Front Side 9

3. Backside Spins

Back Side 1
Back Side 3
Back Side 5
Back Side 7
Back Side 9

4. Basic Raley Tricks

Krypt to SP
Vulcan to SP

5. Blind 313

Blind Judge
Blind 315
Blind 317
Blind 319

6. Frontside 313


7. Loops

Down Loop
Down Loop 3
Down Loop 5
Down Loop 7
Loop 3
Loop 5
Loop 7
Loop Mobe
Downloop Mobe

8. Advanced Sbend Tricks

Double Sbend
Sbend 1
Sbend 3
Sbend 5
Sbend 7
Sbend 9
Double S1
Double S3
Double S5

9. Hintenberger Mobe Tricks

Hintenberger Mobe
Hintenberger Mobe 5
Hintenberger Mobe 7
Hintenberger Mobe 9
Double Hintenberger Mobe
Double Hintenberger Mobe 5

10. Back Mobe (Frontside Back Mobe)

Back Mobe
Back Mobe 5
Back Mobe 7
Back Mobe 9

11. Front Mobe (Backside Front Mobe)

Front Mobe
Front Blind Mobe
Front Mobe 5
Front Mobe 7
Front Mobe 9
Front to Blind

12. Tantrum Variations

Tantrum to Blind
Tantrum Backside 3
Moby Dick
Moby Dick 5
Moby Dick 7
Whirlybird 5
Whirlybird 7

13. Slim

Slim 5
Slim 7
Slim 9

14. S-Mobe

S-Mobe 5
S-Mobe 7
S-Mobe 9

15. KGB (Backside Back Mobe)

Back to Blind

16. Toeside Rolls and Basic Jumps

Toeside Back Roll 3
Toeside Back Roll 5
Toeside Front Roll 3
Toeside Front Roll 5

17. Toeside Frontside Spins

Toeside Front Side 1
Toeside Front Side 3
Toeside Front Side 5
Toeside Font Side 7
Toeside Front Side 9

18. Toeside Backside Spins

Toeside Back Side 1
Toeside Back Side 3
Toeside Back Side 5
Toeside Back Side 7
Toeside Back Side 9

19. Toeside Backside 313 Tricks

Toeside R2B
Toeside Backside 313
Toeside Backside 315
Toeside Backside 317
Toeside Backside 319

20. Toeside 313 Tricks

90215 AKA "Oh Really"

21. Toeside Advanced Sbend Tricks

C7 5

22. Toeside Backmobe

Blind Pete

23. Crowmobe

Scare Crow
Crow Mobe
Crow Mobe 5
Crow Mobe 7
Crow Mobe 9

24. Toeside "Slim" Tricks

Tootsie Roll
Dum Dum
Dum Dum 5

25. Toeside Front Flip Tricks

Fruit Loop
Flavor Flip

26. Toeside KGB Tricks

Pete Rose
Pete Rose 5
Pete Rose 7