Kiteboarding near the Squamish River

There are precious few spots on the globe where wind, water, and land combine to provide flawless conditions for windsurfing and kiteboarding.

The Squamish Spit at the mouth of the Squamish River is one of those places with warm wind and sunshine.

While surrounding lakes make for good practice areas, those seeking the delicate balance necessary for high-performance days need to look no further than the Squamish Spit.

Recent upgrades have made this secret spot accessible to all, with much-needed renovations to the parking and launch area.

Key points to remember when entering this playground: dress warmly.

Everything a Wind Rider Needs

The Squamish River is primarily snowmelt, so wet or dry suits are a must. But, of course, like any outdoor activity, check the forecast before you head out.

To catch the perfect day, it should be cooler in Vancouver than in Squamish and cooler in Squamish than in Whistler. If it's clear in Squamish and Whistler, chances are it will be an epic day.

The Squamish Windsports Society is the local club dedicated to the spit. Like most local clubs, they operate on a very limited budget, considering their services.

They're involved in providing access to prime launch areas, rigging areas for felt mats, toilets, and change rooms, retrieval Sea-Doo services, orientation, assistance, and first aid from on-duty staff.

Not to mention the most important these days, they cover liability insurance.

What makes wind sports and the Spit so great is that even those who can't do it can easily watch.

From a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop, anyone can easily watch remarkable athletes playing every summer day.

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