The world's first interactive kiteboarding simulator

March 6, 2015 | Kiteboarding
KiteSim: a realistic kiteboarding simulator for beginners and pros | Photo: KiteSim

KiteSim is the world's first realistic and kiteboarding simulator that allows beginners to start riding in an easy and safe way.

In 2010, Robert Hoogendijk contacted agency Frank & Frens. He wanted to make KiteSim a reality for novice and advanced kiteboarders. Two years later, the prototype was out to be tested.

"The simulator is based on a realistic computer model that simulates the forces on the kite, the rider and the lines. These forces are exerted through the simulator and experienced by the rider. The actions of the rider are measured and used as input for the simulator," explains Hoogendijk.

"The KiteSim lets beginners experience the forces and consequences of their actions. And it allows pro kitesurfers to train in ideal circumstances - independent of the weather."

The super realistic physics have been developed by Delft University of Technology (TU-Delft). The KiteSim simulator works just like a video game. If you're tired of windless, cold and wet days, you're able to change the weather and surf for perfect tropical conditions.

The kiteboarding simulator has many advantages. For example, by adjusting the level of difficulty, you can learn the basics without being exposed to the hazards of training on land.

Right now, the KiteSim is available in a full-frame version with force feedback and the possibility of adding an Oculus Rift for 3D riding. Additionally, there's a desktop model for personal computers.

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