Western Australian kiteboarders try last minute lobby to avoid kiteboarding ban

March 30, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Mullaloo Beach: a kiteboarding battle is underway in Western Australia

Western Australian kiteboarders have one week to assist WAKSA in its campaign to influence the City of Joondalup and the Draft Beach Management Plan.

If WAKSA campaign is not successful kiters may be facing serious kiting restrictions in Perth, and throughout WA, in the very near future.

As part of the campaign WAKSA have met with the Mayor to express significant concerns about the Draft Plan. WAKSA is also planning to meet with individual Councillors to discuss and explain what they believe are serious flaws in the Draft Plan and to encourage the City not to resort to designated kite zones as a management tool.

WAKSA advocates to the Mayor that the designated kite zones as outlined in the Draft Plan are the least safe and the least appropriate option for the management of kiting generally and that they have specific reservations about the location of the designated zone for North Mullaloo.

Whilst WAKSA does not object in principle to the proposed exclusion zones around the Mullaloo and Sorrento surf clubs, the Association believes that smaller exclusion zones would be a preferred outcome. WAKSA explained that rather than having designated ‘kite zones’, it is their preference to have kite exclusion zones – for example, no kiting in or near flagged swimming zones.

The formal WAKSA submission to the City of Joondalup will clearly outline these ideas.

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