Westward Ho! Beach: UK kiteboarding heaven

UK citizens have been invited to respond to a brief survey concerning the use of kite buggies in Westward Ho! Beach, Bideford.

Until 25 February 2011, everyone is welcome to have their say on the restrictions applied and the sports zone designated area.

There are three options available:

a) To keep the restrictions as they are with kite buggy and kite surfing activities restricted to the sports zone between 1 May and 30 September allowing them to use any part of the beach outside of these times;

b) To restrict the kite buggy and kite surfers to the sports zone only all year round introducing a by-law to this effect;

c) To introduce a by-law that excludes kite buggies and kite surfers from using the beach at all. (Licensed events will still be possible through liaison with the Authority).

The Torridge District Council wants to make sure beachgoers and kitesurfers have their own share of public right to use the Westward Ho! Beach. The spot is know for being the Mecca of kitesurfing in the UK.

Right now, the wind sports fans are restricted to the "sand sports zone", between 1 May and 30 September.

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