Youri Zoon and Bruna Kajiya dominate Sahara winds

April 2, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Youri Zoon: another season, another title

Youri Zoon and Bruna Kajiya have taken the 2012 PKRA Dakhla, in Morocco. The usual freestyle kiteboarding suspects opened the new PKRA season in absolute control mode.

The last day of competition saw light steady winds and a name for the future of pro kitesurfing. Eudazio Da Silva put out a remarkable performance and spectators cheered loudly and chanted the Brazilian's name.

Bruna Kajiya and Winkowska stood out as the final women competitors, working with the lighter winds of the day. In fact, one of the final heats was put on hold at one point, due to light winds, which jeopardized the entire last day of the singles. Luckily, however, the wind picked up again, and allowed the final heats of the day to play out.

Anticipation in this final day reached a crescendo with the men’s final heat. Alex Pastor and World Champion Youri Zoon engaged in a battle to the end, displaying their most spectacular of moves, competing against each other in two last heats.

Youri Zoon came out victorious with a score of over 50.7 in the super final. His biggest trick, a Blind Judge 5, earned an impressive 8.2. Alex Pastor, not far behind, executed a Front Blind Mobe at 7.9 and a 315 at 7.9, grossing 50.4 points. This was by far the highest ranking and tightest heat of the day.

At the end of the final eliminations of the 2012 PKRA Dakhla tour stop, Youri Zoon and Bruna Kajiya earned first place, with Alex Pastor and Karolina Winkowska achieving second, Eudazio Da Silva and Asia Litwin coming in third.

Men’s Results
1. Youri Zoon
2. Alex Pastor
3. Eudazio Da Silva
4. Marc Jacobs

Women’s Results
1. Bruna Kajiya
2. Karonlina Winkowska
3. Asia Litwin
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