PKRA Mexico

The final day of the 2008 PKRA World Tour’s first stop draws to a close with the wrapping up of the course racing event here at the beautiful beach of Playa del Carmen in the heart of Riviera Maya in Mexico.

Sideshore winds averaging 18-20 knots provided the fuel for a spectacular finish as the crowds gather at the beach to watch Mexican rider Sean Farley (North Kiteboarding) eat up the competition.

Farley, who won all but one race today, was the favored rider to win in this event. North teammate Charles Deleau of France who finished in second place after nine races was almost a whole 10-point behind Farley even after finishing first in the second race of the day.

Third man in the podium is Spain’s Sami Gali (Best Kiteboarding) who lost to last year’s overall champion Bruno Sroka (France, Takoon) in the first race but managed to come back in the third and fourth races to finish third and second respectively. Although winning the title last year, Sroka looked a bit rusty in the opening event of this season and only managed to finish in second place at best in every race.

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PKRA Mexico

Nothing beats the day than seeing these young, professional kiteboarding athletes go up against each other in a day of high-flying, wave-ripping, action-filled sports competition in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

Warm weather, strong onshore wind plus the roaring crowd added to the excitement, as the freestyle event concluded with a huge success.

Today saw a lot more wind than yesterday, averaging 20-25 knots which began slightly onshore in the morning during the start of the first heat at 9:45 a.m., turning slightly more sideshore as the day wore on. The strong current caused a lot of difficulties for the Mexican crew particularly with the buoys.

The riders too had their share of intricacies at different intervals during the day staying upwind, but for the most part, it was just a problem of launching and landing as there wasn’t a whole lot of beach in the area. The beach was a bit crowded getting in and out but the riders made the best of it. The women went out with their 7s while the men were on 9s.

There was about shoulder-high waves coming in which made for good ramps for the riders to use for jumping and flat waters in between for landing tricks.

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To secure and guarantee the success of the tour events, the KPWT team has once again this year built partnerships with professional sport events organisers around the world.

For 2008, three disciplines for the World ranking points and each disciplines with a world champion: Waves, Freestyle, Course Racing. Hang Time, Best Tricks for the show.

Abel Lago (SP), Kristin Boese (Ger) and Antoine Auriol (FR), will be the 2008 riders member's committees. They are working on the new points systems, Rules Book, Events requirements.

This year a new team is joining the company: Event manager, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Sponsorship Manager, KPWT magazine manager.

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