Laser flip: a combination of a frontside 360 shove-it and a heelflip | Photo: Red Bull

The laser flip is one of the hardest skateboard tricks ever invented. Learn how to master the advanced-level maneuver.

Have you ever figured out how to perform and land a laser flip? Is it one of those tricks that you always skip in your sessions?

Worry not. Like everything in skateboarding, it's only a matter of time and practice before you pop it right and consecutively.

One of the first laser flips was seen performed by Mike Hayes in Alien Workshop's 1997 "Timecode" video.

According to Hayes, the trick was named laser flip because it is supposed to flip fast. He also claims he has been doing it since August 1991.

Laser flip: one of the hardest skateboard tricks ever invented | Photo: Red Bull

Frontside Shove-it + Heelflip

The laser flip is a combination of a frontside 360 shove-it and a heelflip.

Therefore, you need to be comfortable with these rotations and the varial heelflip.

It's the opposite of a regular tre flip.

Scooping, timing, and foot positioning are key to landing the laser flip.

Any subtle adjustment of your feet on the deck will impact the aerial spin and the trick's conclusion.

Many skaters give up on the laser flip because they try and fail so many times that it becomes an impossible mission.

However, patience, perseverance, and regular practice will help you complete the move.

If you're afraid of landing primo, falling, and getting hurt, start by landing it with your front foot only.

Flip tricks: easier to perform with more hang time | Photo: Red Bull

Laser Flip 101

The laser flip is one of the coolest and most striking tricks in skateboarding.

Follow our step-by-step tutorial, and you'll be doing it effortlessly in no time.

  1. Push on your skateboard until you're riding fast on a smooth, flat surface;
  2. Place your front foot at 90 degrees to the deck below the front bolts (in a heelflip position) with your toes far off;
  3. Get your back foot at an angle on the edge of the tail, slightly pointing backward;
  4. Pop and scoop the skate with your back foot;
  5. Kick out the board forward and outward with your front foot;
  6. When the board starts turning, flick it with your heel in a downward and outward direction in the direction of the rotation;
  7. Extend both feet out as far as possible;
  8. Wait for the board to come around;
  9. Stick both feet on the bolts;
  10. Land and skate away;

Extra Tips

The faster you go for the laser flip, the easier it will be to land it.

The laser flip requires a lot of strength and power to push out the board with the front foot in the right direction and pop hard with your back foot.

Scooping in the opposite direction is one of the things that makes laser flips so difficult and tough.

In slow motion, you'll notice that both feet are thrown toward where they're pointing.

The pop and the flick are executed simultaneously so that the skateboard performs a well-rounded varial heel motion at the same time as a frontside shove-it.

Try to roll your front foot ankle and grip the board to flick the board faster as it's turning. But don't let it fly away from you.

But remember that both feet will have to work cooperatively to get the board turning.

The legs will be somehow shooting out in front of you while the board spins.

You may take a while to land a laser flip smoothly, but once you've nailed it, there's no looking back - just make sure to practice regularly.

Interestingly, once you master the flip trick, you'll find it easier to do it on hips, stair sets, and gaps because there's more hang time.

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