Inflatable skate ramps: they're portable and can be assembled in less than 10 minutes | Photo: Evolution Ramps

When we think of skateboarding ramps, we visualize wooden and concrete structures, often permanent and cumbersome, sitting in the same location for years and decades.

But imagine, if you will, that you can set up a skate ramp on any flat surface in just 10 minutes. And then, change its place while your friends enjoy a coffee.

Thanks to Evolution Ramps, that dream is now a reality.

The startup created a revolutionary product - the world's first and only inflatable mini ramp.

Designed for ultimate portability, it's a game-changer for skate enthusiasts and event organizers.

From school events and friends gatherings to summer camps and birthday parties, the user-friendly ramps promise fun, safety, and flexibility.

With patented flexing technology, these inflatable ramps absorb impacts better than their traditional wooden counterparts.

The goal is not to replace concrete or do-it-yourself wooden ramps. It's about having an alternative option.

It's for people who don't have access to fixed structures or want to have fun riding a mini ramp here and there.

Skate ramps: the inflatable and portable mini-ramp can be set up on a beach | Photo: Evolution Ramps

Inflate and Ride

The driving force behind these compact half-pipes? A unique inflatable technology that is both easy to assemble and beginner-friendly.

Evolution Ramps emphasizes the "less painful learning experience" their flex technology provides.

This unique design approach results in a product that's easy to install on any flat surface without tools, ensuring enthusiasts of all skill levels can enjoy skateboarding.

You can even learn to ride a half-pipe in your backyard before moving to the local concrete skatepark.

Set it up quickly, and then store your inflatable skate toy in the garage when you're done shredding.

Not only does this innovation literally take the sport anywhere, but it also adds an element of excitement.

As showcased in one of their tests in Mission Beach, San Diego, these ramps can be floated - transforming any beach setting into an impromptu skatepark.

And by floating, we mean on water. It's the only ramp that goes where you go.

Evolution Ramps: the inflatable half-pipe floats on water | Photo: Evolution Ramps

Assembled in 10 Minutes

It takes less than two minutes to put on the ride surface, and you'll get softer impacts and a quieter skating surface compared to standard ramps.

The whole non-cornered setup prevents injuries and lets children of all ages experience the thrill of riding a half-pipe, and adults learn how to drop in.

Advanced skateboarders can try the transition ramps on the side of the mini ramp and practice air tricks.

The system is modular, meaning you can attach and ride only parts of the complete structure, i.e., transition, quarter, or full half-pipe.

It will start to be sold in 2023 in both the United States and Europe, and the company has set its sights on global expansion.

Evolution Ramps is actively seeking qualified partners, dealers, and investors to bring the joy of skateboarding to new regions.

By becoming a licensee, individuals can introduce these ramps to their local communities, offering rentals for events, promotional demos, parties, and even skate lessons.

The world's first portable skate park will probably expand its product line to longer and wider models.

Words by Luís MP | Founder of

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