Hokus: Daniel Prieß and Friedrich Flüh attack Europe

German flatland skimboarders Daniel Prieß and Friedrich Flüh have dropped a new indie skim vid.

They've attacked everything - wood ramps, picnic tables, tires, and all sorts of natural obstacles - and delivered the complete package wrapped in cutting edge underground soundtrack.

Hokus aims to put an artistic twist on a skimboarding edit, as the boys shred around Europe capturing modern flatland skimboarding in its purest form to date.

"'Hokus' was not an idea. There were no discussions about the follow-up to our previous film 'Brotherhood.' We just kept going traveling, exploring and skimboarding in the 2016 season,"Daniel Prieß told SurferToday.

The German edit keeps skimboarding's most rebellious discipline aligned with the experimentalism and innovation that have always that have always characterized flatland skimming.

"This video simply came together by us doing what we love," concludes Friedrich Flüh.

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