Creek Daze: Texan skimboarding style

"Creek Daze" is the latest skimboarding film adventure from the Texas skimming community, who had a ripping 2012 summer.

Texas is one of the best skimboarding regions in the world. Great secret spots for flat tricks and skillful riders turn Texas into skim heaven.

"Creek Daze", filmed and edited by Mitchell Elder, is a great collection of summer long skimboard extravaganza.

"July we had North Carolina and DB team rider Garret Young come down and stay with us for a week then, in August, Germany's beach breaker and DB team rider Friedrich Flüh made the journey down to Texas", explains Elder.

Friedrich Flüh couldn't believe what he had experienced. "The Creek was like a Fata Morgana, but the only difference is that the Creek really exists. This is how I think about the Creek. No illusion, it's really like a paradise", says Flüh.

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