Chambers Creek Throwdown: sliding in non-tidal waters

Blake Zimmerman has conquered the 6th Annual Chambers Creek Throwdown, in Tacoma, Washington.

Event organizers Tony Saddler and Tim Mackey have improved and reorganized the event with three mini-contests intermixed between main heats.

The mini-contests included Longest Ride, Best Bank Slide and Highest Ollie. In the Pro division, Zimmerman was followed by Isaac Thomas and Tim Pettit.

Chambers Creek in non-tidal skim spot that provides the perfect setting for a vast array of features and obstacles. DB Skimboards' newest rails and boxes provided total action to the event.

The Chambers Creek Throwdown is open to all ages and skill levels and is always a good chance to ride with the best skimboarders of the Washington region.

6th Annual Chambers Creek Throwdown | Results

1st Place: Blake Zimmerman
2nd Place: Isaac Thomas
3rd Place: Tim Pettit

Longest Ride
Richard Docter

Best Bank Slide
Arthur Murray

Highest Ollie
Seth Thomas

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