How to make a skimboard

Skimboarding: there's nothing like riding our custom shaped skimboard | Photo: John Lemieux

Professional skimboards are works of art, science and design. But you don't necessarily need an high-end skimboard to shred and have fun. Let's learn how to shape a skimboard.

The good news is that producing your own skimboard isn't expensive. With a couple of phone calls, you will get all tools and equipment you need to cut the leaf and ride it.

If you want to shape a skimboard, start by doing it with wood materials. They're easy to cut, sand, glue and paint. A wood plank is also relatively cheap, especially if you visit a large do-it-yourself store.

So, what do you need to make your first skimboard?

1. Two 1/4-inch, 52'' x 20'' marine plywood boards;
2. Jigsaw;
3. Duct tape;
4. Waterproof wood glue;
5. Varnish spreader;
6. Assorted sandpaper;
7. Clamps;
8. Polyurethane varnish or fiberglass resin;
9. Paint or permanent marker;

Marine plywood: resistant and durable

Now that you've gathered all gear and materials, let's learn how to shape a skimboard:

1. Spread glue on one side of a marine plywood board;
2. Get the two boards together;
3. Clamp the board up tight;
4. Put a weight in the center of the glued board to create a slight concave curve;
5. Let the glued board dry for 24 hours;
6. Draw the desired template;
7. Use the jigsaw to cut the skimboard shape;
8. Sand the edges and smooth out both sides of the board;
9. Apply four layers of varnish/resin on the bottom;
10. Custom paint your skimboard;
11. Apply two layers varnish/resin on the top;
12. Let it dry for 24 hours;

Unsure about the size of your plank? Explore our skimboard size chart. Need a new board? Learn how to buy a skimboard.

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