Cody Maurer: he stormed the 2016 DB Pro/Am at Dash Point | Photo: DB Skimboards

Cody Maurer has taken out the 2016 DB Pro/Am, at Dash Point State Park, in Washington.

This year, the organization introduced a new rider-judged contest format. In the end, everyone enjoyed the outcome, and three new champions were crowned across three divisions.

The 13th annual skimboarding competition attracted dozens of riders to Dash Point State Park. Athletes traveled from Sacramento, British Columbia, Ontario, and many other Washington areas.

The overall conditions were outstanding. The sun was shining, the water stream was at an ideal level, and the obstacles didn't disappoint.

In the end, Utah skimboarder Cody Maurer took the top honors in the Pro category, Zach Gibs conquered the Amateur division, and Pierce Larkin dominated the Under 16 competition.

2016 DB Pro/Am | Results

1. Cody Maurer
2. Logan Davidson
3. Harbor Bickmore

1. Zach Gibs
2. Jack Bender
3. Tanner Korn, Seth Thomas

Under 16
1. Pierce Larkin
2. Julian Rembley
3. Lincoln Gilden

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