110% Surfing Techniques Volume 2

"110% Surfing Techniques Volume 2" is packed full of tips for high-performance surfing.

This comprehensive, easy-to-use coaching tool consists of 20 separate sections, where the action is split into Advanced Moves and Key Techniques.

Advanced moves use detailed breakdowns of how to perform turns at the highest level, including forehand tube rides, snaps, off the tops, whitewater climbs, and how to adapt your bottom turn to suit the top turn.

The Key Techniques section will help you improve your overall surfing, demonstrate how to create your own board speed, master heavy drops, improve cutbacks, make fast waves, throw the tail out, improve take off, catch more waves, and perform full rail carves, and more.

The DVD is split into 2 separate sections for regular and goofy stance, making it easier to relate them to your own surfing.

Including slow motion and split-screen to highlight correct techniques against common mistakes.

Land, water, and board cam angles are used to help explain the tips.

Filmed on location in England, France, Indo, and Hawaii.

Featuring high-performance surfing from the likes of Pancho Sullivan, Taylor Knox, and Josh Kerr.

Including some incredible board cam footage of Ian Battrick in Indonesia.

"110% Surfing Techniques Volume 2" is written and produced by Martin Connolly, Discovery Surf School.