Being Captain Zero

"Being Captain Zero" is a movie about two friends from very different backgrounds who grew up surfing together in 1950s Montauk, New York.

Allan Weisbecker and Patrick Abrams. In the 1970s, their friendship turned to criminal enterprise.

They began transporting multi-ton shipments of Marijuana from Columbia and Jamaica into the United States by both sea and air.

The violence of the emerging cocaine trade and the threat of the DEA forced them to separate.

They made a pact to keep their destinations secret, even from each other

Allan moved to Hollywood and cashed in on his marijuana running experiences by writing for "Miami Vice."

Patrick moved to Puerto Viejo, a town along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, in search of the fastest and most dangerous wave in Central America. Salsa Brava.

After 20 years, Allan sold his home, bought a truck with a camper, and went looking for his old friend Patrick in Costa Rica.

On this trip, Allan wrote "In Search of Captain Zero."

It is a memoir combining their drug-running exploits with the adventure of looking for his old partner - Patrick.

Upon his arrival in Puerto Viejo, Allan was shocked to see what had become of his old friend.

What Allan saw would shake the very foundation of their friendship.

Filmmaker Ama MacDonald is a world-traveled big wave surfer who has been working successfully in Hollywood for the past 13 years.