Going With The Flow: Classic California Soul Surfing

People from all walks of life in today's Southern California live with surfing as an integral part of their lives.

The film will show how people from all walks of life adjust, transform and balance their lives with surfing.

We'll hear how surfing has changed throughout the years and what it is today and maybe in the future.

We'll also experience the magic which happens when one is ready for the future but yet lets it naturally unfold.

We spent time with some legendary California surfers, such as Linda Benson, Lance Carson, Henry Ford, LJ Richards, and Hank Warner, as well as Jesse Timm, Kevin Connelly, Cory Weber, Anneke Barrie, as well as San Diego's Chad Dawson and Florida's own Mike Trzinski and myself, Arsen Brzostek, who carry on and add to the classic California surfing soul.

Everyone will share with us their stories and add to the history of surfing.

Our shooting took us through Southern California. Jesse Timm and Kevin Connelly showed us how classic soul surfing is quickly reemerging as not only an aesthetic but the root of properly sliding on a wave.

Surfing's modern roots and evolution have always come from Southern California.

Generations of surfers have grown up on its shores and, in turn, have shown this way of life to the rest of the world.

From surfing's roots, it has always meant more than simply riding waves, but most importantly, flowing with the nature of things and sharing fun times with good people.

About fifty years have passed since the golden age of surfing.

The evolution of it has brought advances in technology, performance, style, fashion, and let's face it, the world is a different place because of surfing.

Many things have changed since the early days, but the one thing which has always stayed the same and it's the stoke that is shared by the people who surf.