Hana Surf Girls

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Hana Surf Girls

By Russ Spencer, "Hana Surf Girls" is an emotionally-powerful real-life coming-of-age story about two girls trying to parse their upbringing in an isolated idyllic Hawaiian village with the need to grow into the larger world.

Susan Orlean, who wrote the article that inspired the film Blue Crush, calls "Hana Surf Girls" "beautiful, carefully-observed and intimate - an exhilarating film." After its premiere, reviews out of Santa Barbara were overwhelmingly positive.

The film was called "a modern cinematic companion to Margaret Mead's classic Coming of Age in Samoa... thought provoking and gorgeous... not a conventional or even unconventional surf movie."

Starring Lipoa Kahaleuahi and professional surfer Monyca Byrne-Wickey.

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