Joel Parkinson: Free As A Dog

A true dog's tale is the new Billabong film staring Joel "Parko" Parkinson and his faithful hound, Trey.

As seen through the eyes of the ever-loyal Trey, who is also the film's narrator, the remarkable surfing talent of Joel Parkinson is showcased like never before.

"It's an honor to be able to work with a surfer of this caliber. Parko is just so easygoing and a regular good guy. From there, the film title developed naturally as Parko and his dog Trey represent the true nature of the title," Jack McCoy reflects.

Starring alongside Parko will be Northern NSW grommets James Wood and Ellis Ericson, both earmarked to be the bright future of Australian surfing.

Ellis and James play the token surf trip grommets, which tend to be distracted by beautiful beach babes.

For the past year, Parko, Jack, Ellis, and Woody have been chasing banks, swells, and whispers all over the Australian coast, scoring some of the sickest sessions to go down in 2005.